Are You a Professional Life Transformation Coach Looking For More Exposure & Paying Clients?

Read on to find out more as we have a fresh and innovative approach for you to achieve just that!


Working together for the benefit of all.

We are looking to form an alliance, partnerships with transformational coaches who understand the true benefits of providing value up front to potential clients before ever getting them as paying ones.

The initial point of contact with the reader/client is all about building credibility, trust, making a connection on a personal level and to demonstrate how you as a coach can be of massive help to them.

Writing an article along with a video where you share your expertise as a coach, will give you greater exposure to site visitors and bring attention on what you do, how you can help and the value you have to offer as a coach.

The FULL Benefits

  • Your contributions featured on the INSPIOSPHERE website.
  • Link from every article you submit to your author bio
  • Banner displays throughout the website linking to The LIGHT LOUNGE.
  • Your article submissions sent out to our social media pages > Facebook > Linkedin > Twitter
  • Your very own full profile page
  • Links from your profile page to your own site & social media pages
  • Details and links from your profile page to your coaching offers and sessions
  • Placement in 'The LIGHT LOUNGE' area where you can list and display your own videos, podcast and anything else that is related to your coaching services.
  • Also the opportunity to have your articles featured in our upcoming bi-monthly print media mini magazine that will be sent to a minimum 10,000 households in the London area. Where you can also provide details of your coaching services and offers.

This is all about providing coaches like yourself the opportunity to achieve greater exposure and attention on the value of what you do and how your coaching service helps people become the best version of themselves that will help them to fulfil their potential.

All sounds great, but what's the catch I hear you ask?

There is no catch, but for purposes of full disclosure and transparency, if there was a catch then this is the only thing I can think of that might fit the description of being a catch...

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