Unbelievable Sights That Exist In Nature

Enjoy these wonders and unbelievable sights that exist in nature and the world. Here you will see nature in all its amazing and wondrous splendour, with some of the most amazing and best travel locations on Earth.

These unbelievable sights that exist in nature just shows how amazing our world really is. Here are just a few examples of the beauty that exists and how powerful mother nature actually is. It’s amazing to realise that nature functions and exists without human intervention and is far more powerful and amazing than we realise. Sadly, the vast majority of the human race has disconnected from nature.

There is a term called “Nature deprivation,” which is a lack of time in the natural world. This is caused largely to hours spent in front of TV or computer screens and is associated, not so surprisingly, with depression.

We are entering a time and seeing a shift, with more and more people going back and reconnecting as it was intended. There is much benefit for humans to be in and at one with nature each and every day. Science is now showing the many benefits to human health and wellbeing.

Nature has the ability to heal and being in nature, or even just viewing scenes and pictures of nature, helps in reducing stress, fear and anger, and makes us feel better. The great thing is, it not only makes us feel better emotionally, it also increases our physical wellbeing.

Being in nature has proven effective at reducing blood pressure, heart rate and muscle tension, but has also to reduce the production of stress hormones. Research conducted in hospitals, schools and business premises has found that placing a simple plant in a room has a significant impact on reducing stress and anxiety levels.

Nature does nothing but leaves nothing undone, and in so doing goes on to flourish and thrive with no involvement from us. We are not here to interfere and get in the way of it’s naturally evolving process, we are here to look after it and give back what we take from it.

Simply watching and enjoying nature and the worlds beauty is the first step to cleansing the spirit and purifying the mind of all distractions. Enjoying and respecting our world is the first step towards living in harmony with ourselves and others.

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