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A great video called Wire Cutters made by Jack Anderson is a short animation film that cover two robots who have a chance encounter. The moral of the story is profound, but what I got from it was, why it never pays to be selfish.

The two robots whilst searching and collecting what appears to be a emerald diamond, have a chance encounter and go one to learn why it never pays to be selfish.

They discover that they each have a weakness in searching and mining these diamonds, which the other can help overcome.

Seeing this, and how they could help themselves by helping each other, they join forces, by gathering the diamonds in a much more effective and time efficient way by leveraging and focusing on using each others strengths.

Soon, they start to gather the diamonds at records pace with the two of them being much happier than before, as well as benefiting by having the company of one another.

But, when it comes time to share out the diamonds, one of them makes a shocking and questionable decision which sends the other into a fit of rage.

The outcome is one of disastrous consequences with the robot who made the wrong choice, regretting the decision they made. By that time, it is too late to do something about it and serves as a great life lesson.

When you have something good going, don’t self sabotage or do anything to jeopardize and destroy it. Why it never pays to be selfish.

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