BREATHE With Wim Hof

Breathe with Wim Hof and Lewis Howes as they go through a demonstration of the transformational power that can occur when we breathe and connect with who we are and how we can change our own human physiology.

Wim’s relationship with breathing and cold exposure started as a way to confront physical and emotional challenges in his own life, from going up Everest in a pair of shorts, to dealing with losing his wife and mother to his four young children. Breathe with Wim Hof is a simple yet powerful powerful method anyone can use and follow to their benefit, with science supporting Wim’s claims that is changes our physiology in a very short period of time.

After rewriting the science books, and with 26 World Records in tow, he is now on a mission to use forgotten tools of nature to address problems around mental and emotional wellbeing in our ever toxic way of life and living in Western society.

You can get access to a free mini-class where Wim himself goes into explaining the method of breathing along with three instructional videos that explain the power of breathing, the power of cold and the power of commitment. Wim has created what can only be described as powerful non evasive, free medicine that you can use and benefit from.

Wim Hof Method

I know the keys of nature. And the keys of nature are able to bring us back… We invent stress.

Wim Hof
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