Raise Your Vibration with Fifth Dimensional Habits

Aaron Doughty helps people expand their consciousness on his Youtube channel, but this particular video is about how you can raise your vibration with fifth dimensional habits

Aaron shares with you how to understand what fifth dimensional energy is, its vibration and how you can raise your vibration with fifth dimensional habits that will release you from acting and thinking in lower energy and vibrational dimensions such as the third and fourth dimensions.

As we know and have seen in past videos about the power of vibrational energy and frequency and how it can impact us and also our outer world.

How we see and how we perceive what is happening in our world and how that related to our existence here on earth, will determine the level of our thinking and what we believe. What you believe and focus your thoughts on will control the reality you have.

The more energy we put into mind expanding thoughts and into the heart love energy and gratitude, it puts us in a higher vibrational state and dimension.

When people aren’t fully aware of how they impact and create their reality through the emotions of shame, blame, despair, regret, fear, anxiety, hate and scorn, it’s simply because they don’t know any better and have no real understanding of the power of thoughts and how that impacts their very lives.

But the scale of consciousness as shown in this video is the work and creation of the late Sir David Hawkins M.D. Ph.D which is covered in his book, Power vs Force.

Rhys Morton-Rosshttps://www.inspiosphere.com
Rhys is the Founder, Chief Dreamer, Visionary and Protagonist. He is the idea and vision generator behind INSPIOSPHERE. He is responsible for dreaming up new ideas to create environments that both inspire and empower people to tap into their spiritual power of knowing their life calling that paves the way to their limitless potential and ONE BIG LIFE DREAM.
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