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How To Transform Yourself To Live Your Best Life 101

DO YOU sometimes feel like everyone else is out there living life, while you just watch from the sidelines?

We believe that life is not meant to be played conservatively and too many people play it this way. Because their decisions are rooted in a subdued identity, self-limiting beliefs and harmful behaviours, they never take the risks needed to win, shine and succeed. But there is a better way. 

Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.


Make The Mindset Change & Start Doing Something That Comes From Your Heart!

"Making a BIG life and career change can be a daunting process, especially when it's something that pays well, and has provided you with a lifestyle you THINK, is what you want from life. The truth is, that when you move away from what suppresses your true creative spirit and inner spark, you create a space in which to put the wheels of your creative power and e-motion into action. 

This is where you tap into your true inner power, where you find all the answers to creating the life you truly want and dream about, that is aligned with who you truly are who you want to be and become." 

Rhys Morton-Ross - Founder INSPIOSPHERE

In this 80 minute Masterclass you will:

Learn a proven transformational framework

TRANSFORM YOURSELF AND LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE© course teaches you a proven transformational framework, that once learned and practiced, can be used to change any facet of your life. 

Learn methods to change your behaviour 

Get information, tips and advice on human behaviour and how to escape the traps in the way you approach your MIND, HEALTH & TIME. Obtain the success mindset necessary for achieving the life you desire.

Learn methods to change your beliefs

The beliefs you have profoundly determine the life you lead. Destroying self limiting beliefs, tackling repressed emotions and allowing yourself to move on will help you to create a life you love.

Learn methods to change your identity

We all have the creative ability to become the person we truly want to be. You will discover the methods used to form a new identity for yourself and share it with the world. 

About Your Transformation Life & Mindset Coach


Frankie is a TEDx Speaker, #1 Chart Topping Author on Amazon and the Founder of BE INFINITY, a business he founded to share his framework for personal transformation. As a certified Health & Life Coach, Frankie's one-to-one program, and online course, allows people to tackle their toxic behaviours, challenge their self-limiting beliefs and reconstruct their identity.

From the heights of performing original music to crowds of 1400 people, to the lows of two suicide attempts, Frankie has had a plunge pool of life experience. 

Understanding the fundamental identity shift that allowed him to escape his darkest moments, and indeed built his greatest ones, he now has a unique skill set he's using to help others transform their lives.

Prior to BE INFINITY, Frankie also had experience in a multitude of careers, working as a Director at a marketing technology company, a radio producer for National Prison Radio in the UK and as a carer for autistic children.

What Past Clients Have to Say About Frankie Cote


If it wasn’t for Frankie's coaching and course, I would not be the goal oriented and compassionate being that I am today. Having Frankie in your life and on your side, allows you to realise how much deeper you can go within yourself and how much further you can go in life. Frankie has taught me how to live in a state of peace and this is absolutely priceless.


Take Control

Using the techniques learnt during Frankie's course I was able to declutter my life and leave only space for the things that truly matter. I had been distracted from these for a long time. I am so glad I could learn to prioritise and therefore take control of my life by being more responsible.


Lifelong Dream

With Frankie's course, I was able to not only get my mental health back on track but was also able to realise my lifelong dream to compile and release an anthology of poems I'd been sitting on for over a decade.



Frankie helped me uncover my personal power. After confronting some difficult truths in my past, I was able to move on and start living a life of peace and happiness.


Frankie Cote Guest Writer, Author & Transformation Life Coach

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