Timber Hawkeye best selling author of Buddhist Boot Camp, shares his insights into dealing with anxiety. The question is though, can mindfulness help with anxiety?

He also shares how being grateful is an effective way for people to heal themselves from the inside out. I myself have had some personal experience with anxiety and I wondered at the time if meditation and being mindful could help to deal with anxiety or at the very least help to manage it without feelings of panic.

The psychological effect of anxiety can be dealt with by being more mindful of what is going on and also the practice of meditating.

The practice is about, not allowing your thoughts to control you, so it has nothing to do with controlling your thoughts but rather allowing your thoughts to happen and becoming more aware of what is happening inside you.

Shifting from trying to control what is happening and going into a panic/anxiety, try monitoring and understanding what is actually happening and becoming more aware of what is going on.

Mindfulness photo by Lesly Juarez

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