A World Made More Beautiful With Acts of Kindness

A world made more beautiful is a heart warming story of a man who carries out selfless acts of kindness and generosity to those whom he sees and meets on his daily travels.

He expects nothing in return, but his rewards are far greater than anything money could ever buy. His rewards are seeing the reactions from those he helps and witnessing how is actions impact on his surroundings and the lives of those he helps in the most positive way imaginable. His very actions contribute to creating a world made more beautiful.

Watching this is brought to mind a quote;

Be The Change You Want to See in The World.


We all could follow this example and help to make our world more beautiful than it already is. Selfless random acts of kindness and generosity and being more mindful of others, will only have a positive impact not just on the lives of those we help, but also on our own.

What we put out into the world is what we will see and experience in our own lives. This is the law of manifestation, the power of our beliefs, thoughts and actions and what energy we place out into the universe.

Our thoughts, beliefs and actions are vibrational energy which we transmit like beacons into our environment. Like energy connects with like energy. So if you put out positive energy with your thoughts and actions you will only ever have get back positive experiences, because like attracts like.

This is what manifestation is all about. We all contribute to how the world is through the power of human collective consciousness. You are more powerful than you think you are.

Human emotions is what connects us all together. So

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