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The Life He Chose He Now Regrets In November 2014 a story went viral that was written by a man named John Jerryson who spilt his heart out about how the life he chose he now regrets, after he spent years doing something he grew to dislike and that he had turned his back on his life dream.


A 162 Minute WAKE UP CALL One of my all time favourite business coaches, businessmen, success development mentors who is the creator of the QLA (Quantum Leap Advantage) model talks about what it takes to achieve success in this 162 minute wake up call. Dan Pena is not for everyone. He is outspoken,...

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What The Richest and Most Successful People Have In Common Listen to what some of the worlds most influential business people have to say about what the richest and most successful people have in common. You will will hear from entrepreneurs like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Will I Am, Jack Dorsey, Tony Hsieh among others share their views...


Build Your Best Life By Escaping These 3 Personal Traps Build your best life. We’ve all seen those motivational social media posts urging us to pursue our best life. But, let’s be honest here, what even is a best life? Here are the 3 personal traps you need to escape to build your best life. We all have...


Your Thoughts Create Your Reality In this 90 minute talk from Dr Wayne Dyer, he shares his wisdom on how your thoughts create your reality. His talk is all about the Tao Te Ching where he wrote a book on the subject called Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life. This talk discusses the...


The Blockchain Could Be A Game Changer This video goes someway in explaining what the Blockchain technology is and the many uses it could have in numerous industries and technologies to such a degree that the blockchain could be a game changer. The question remains by many.. what is the blockchain? Blockchain is an ingenious...

Do You Have The Mindset to Turn Your BIG Life Dream Into Reality?

You know the dream I am on about... that idea, vision of something you feel could be of massive value and help to peoples lives, that thing which you feel inside your heart and soul would be a truly rewarding thing to create..!